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Class Valedictorian So here we are. At a graduation ceremony unlike any others that have come before us, and normally there’d be lots of speeches 
and congratulations to be given, but with our unique situation, I guess this will have to do, but I’m not going to focus on 
that. This is the point where the valedictorian reads words off of a sheet of paper that they have thought long and hard about, 
but I always thought it’d be more fun to throw the paper to the side and speak from the heart so...
Here we are
(Throw this paper)
I wanna start off by thanking and congratulating all of my classmates who are graduating alongside me today; we can all
agree that we have learned a lot of stuff on our journey through high school. But, have we? The mitochondria is cool and all but
how will that help me buy a house? While we do learn some very valuable information during high school, I think high school has 
taught me three things that I believe are more invaluable than anything we can find in any of our hundreds textbooks. I 
actually have some bracelets that have been made for me through the years that kinda embody those things. This first bracelet
was made for me by the fantastic Sarah Ensminger, named the Best Friend Bracelet Gang, and I’ve symbolized this one as 
friendship. We get to interact with so many of the same people everyday for 12 years, and even though some new people may come
and old ones may go, it is these interactions that teach us how to make friends, and friendships are where we find out who we
want to be and who we can connect with the most now and in the future. Considering that Sarah made these bracelets for our best
friend gang, I know who I’ve connected with best. This second bracelet was made by the twins, Julia and Rachel Krukowski,
named Bumblebee for when I got my hand stung by a bee. I’ve symbolized this one as leadership. Whatever kinds of things
interested us through high school, we all have had an opportunity to lead in one way or another, whether in a sport, 
in the classroom, or even accidentally being a leader by some little thing that you did that got someone else’s gears turning 
in their head. And while I hope that upperclassmen can set a great example for the students that will follow them, leaders
don’t have to be older than the people they are leading. I know plenty of times where any of the 3 Krukowskis have steered me in 
the right direction when I’ve panicked about playing some kind of music. I hope that I have been able to inspire my successors, 
and that all of us can continue to lead and inspire others into the future. This final bracelet was made by Chase Learn, for our
society in band known as Percussia. This one is probably the most important value to me, and that’s family. As anyone who has 
done sports has probably heard, your team is your family, and it really is true. I know that through the activities that we have 
done in high school that we have been able to make family-like bonds with so many people. I know that through band, I have had 
the opportunity to connect with so many groups of students that I probably never would have any other way, and that’s what makes 
high school amazing. I have gotten so close with everyone in percussion and the band that I see them as my family. I love 
every single one of them, and while it hurts to have to leave them, I know that they will always be my family and I will 
always be in their hearts. Although we all have to leave eventually, we can step forward into the future knowing that we
shared so many good times with our friends, our families, and that we understand and have learned what it feels like to have
this family bond. I know I do. While I still don't know a real life application of the quadratic formula, I learned the most 
from the people around me. I want to thank my friends for all the amazing times we’ve shared together, and my parents and 
family for always supporting me and helping me get this far in my life, I couldn’t have done it without any of you. I know 
these have been challenging times for us, but that won’t stop me from saying congratulations to all of my incredible classmates,
and thank you for this amazing journey.
                                                                                                         ~Cole Saxion


Class Salutatorian
Hello everyone! I would first like to start by congratulating the class of 2020 on graduation and Cole Saxion for achieving Valedictorian. Hats off to you guys. It's been a long ride, but we’re finally here. I’ve been with this class since my 5th grade year. We’ve had our ups and downs but the memories that we have made are priceless to me. Everything from positive affirmation time with Mrs. Mitchell to creating a harlem shake video with Mrs. Hunkus. From dodgeball tournaments with Mr. Wolke to racing in trash cans with a past superintendent who shall remain unnamed. From riding down the hallway inside of a suitcase to burst out and surprise Mrs. Poledica for an English project to playing Bearbarians in Mrs. Csehill’s. From Blue Man Group special appearance Brenden Von Keiper to tape ball in Senk’s. This staff has been so influential in the progression and memories of this class. These teachers are anything but typical. So much so, when my brother Garrett was sick and stuck at home, Mr. Wolke came and brought gym class to us. When there were only 2 people in the weight room, Mr. Hancock was one of them. The reason you see such a full-bodied muscular specimen of a man before you today is because of him. In all seriousness, you have helped me find a love of lifting that I will carry with me as long as I physically can. Thank you Wendy for taking care of all of us throughout the years. I do have to give a shoutout to Special K (I can say that because i’m graduating now). I have spent countless hours with the band, from concerts up on the stage to band nights and football games on the field. Thank you Mr. Keiper, I will always be 20 minutes early to everything I do. I have seen the band grow over the years and they have become a family to me. Mr. Keiper, you keep rockin out with that tempo of yours. In all seriousness, thank you, you have been a big influence and I appreciate all you have done. Getting to my main idea, This generation has a lot of uniqueness about it. There are lots of things that we were the first to experience: Gangnam style, the DSi, the Wii’s, even the OG minecraft, and quite possibly the one that has gotten me through the days at home: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Now we can add to that list the longest senior skip day ever pulled. Booyah! This virus kind of sprang on us out of nowhere, and that brings me to my main point. Sometimes, actually a lot of times, life will surprise you with something that you didn’t have planned. But we manage to work together and think rationally. That is, after we have panicked and bought out all of the toilet paper in the country. In all seriousness though, it is the basis on which we stand that prepares us for those days ahead. These years we’ve had together play a huge role in our preparation for the days to come and a sizable portion of our ability to face the future comes from them. And so, go out there and live life to the fullest. As a wise man once said “Faith is taking the first step, even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”
~Evan Proverbs 
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