Sight Words

What are Sight Words?

Sight words are the words that I want my students to be able to read quickly by sight.  I do the program called Sight Word 60 to help my students learn these words.  Sight Word 60 is a research based program that was created by renowned Kindergarten teacher, Greg Smedley. Every week I will introduce 3 or 4 new words and the kids will get over 60 exposures to each of those words during each week. "Brain research says we need 21 exposures to learn something and move it into long term storage and be able to recall the information.  So, why not triple that and get 60 or more exposures" (Smedley)?!  Every four weeks we will have a review week and review all of the words that we've learned so far.  There will be no new words on the review weeks.  Also on the review weeks we will have a sight words assessment to see what words the students know.  We will also have an assessment at the end of every nine weeks where the students will have to know all of the words.  Each nine weeks has its own set of words.  Please make sure you practice these words with your children at home so that they can become great readers

Our Words

2nd Nine Weeks (22 Words):

Week 1-at, had, ask

Week 2-red, yes, get

Week 3-it, if, in

Week 4-on, got, not

Week 5-Review and Test

Week 6-us, up, but

Week 7-he, me, be, we

Week 8-go, no, so

Week 9-Review and Test


3rd Nine Weeks (23 words):

Week 1: am, an, can, and

Week 2: is, his, as, has

Week 3: him, did, will

Week 4: big, six, sit

Week 5: Review and Test

Week 6: to, do, who

Week 7: of, are, you

Week 8: they, play, away

Week 9: Review and Test


4th Nine Weeks (18 words):

Week 1: my, by, why

Week 2: the, was, said

Week 3: this, that, them

Week 4: run, must, jump

Week 5: Review and Test

Week 6: see, three, here

Week 7: come, little, look

Week 8: Review and Test

Week 9: Review

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