Chalker Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees List

Inductees List




2004 Butch Kovach
Rick Badenjak
Bob Horton
Jean Viets Hyland
2005 Connie Farmer Silvernail
Kelly Nelson
Bob Baugher Jr.
1977-78 Boys Basketball Champion Team
Coach Jim Hilbun, Asst. Coach Gary Games, and Asst. Ron Woods,
Manager John Smith, Dave Agler, Gordon Estlack,
Bruce Burge, Jim Gardner, Al Litz,
Phil O'Hara, Rusty Stolba, Mike Forrest,
Rob Gilanyi, Allen Herner, Greg Duchnak,
Fred Estlack, Dave Pearson
2006 1998 Girls State Championship Softball Team
Coach Kelly Nelson, Asst. Craig Lefkowitz, Asst. Crystal Avritt
Nikki Collins, Kristy Sabo, Megan Munroe, Heather Garland, Nichole Young
Stephanie Hudak, Melissa Allen, Emily Dade, Michelle Stantial, Jenn Roberts
Cari Allen, Rebecca Fauvie, Monica Cyphert, Missy Middleton
Jen Byer, Bethann Young, Jackie Easterday, Cynda Miller
2007 Terry Kelly
Holly Householder
Alan K. Smith
Angie Gideon
1998 Boys State Finalist Baseball Team
Coach Tim Cope, Asst. Craig Lefkowitz, Asst. Don Fitch
Rich Hudak, Mike Jackson, Matt Tietz, Josh Grimm,
Jason Whitmore, Rich Roberts, Jon Drokin, Matt Rex
Chad Petty, Jason Miranda, James Holko, Nathan Doan,
Jared Bzdok, Jeff Nadak
2008   Don Nelson
Gayle Lauth
Travis Wilcox
2009 Rob Gilanyi
Bill Hart
Brian Muckle
2012   Darrell Wally Waldeck
Al Litz
1992 Girls Varsity Championship Basketball Team
Coach Bill Drury and Asst. Rich Lloyd
Lori Kissinger, Jennifer Palumbo, Julie Baugher, Brenda Moran,
April Shackelford, Angie Gedeon, Sherry Farley, Angie Romigh
Leeanne Pearce, Jenn Litz, Kerry Kennelty
2016 Kerry Kennelty
David Motz
Ryan Gilanyi
Dale "Chip" Habosky

*2013-2015 The Hall of Fame planned and completed the "Jersey Project." They honored Chalker Alumni Athletes who went to college for four years and played their sport during college and graduated from said college. The Hall of Fame aslo recognized Chalker Alumni Athletes who went on to play a professional sport. The jerseys and pictures of all 12 athletes are showcased in the Chalker High School gymnasium trophy case.  

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