Academic/Student Achievement

The school exists to meet the needs of the students, the community and the country. The goal of public education is to provide mentally alert, dependable, responsible, ethical, well –adjusted citizens who will maintain and advance the democracy in which we live.

We believe that each child should be accepted into our educational system as an individual and be provided with the guidance and learning opportunities needed to develop to his/her capabilities.

The Board believes that the school has an obligation to be aware of the various theories of education and to select those most fitted to the needs of our students and community by continuously updating and re-evaluating the curriculum.

Recognizing that the quantity and quality of education will, in part, be determined by the intellectual, moral and ethical behavior of those who teach, we believe teachers provide the example for our students.

We believe a relationship based on mutual respect to be desirable between and among the students and the staff directly responsible for the educational program.

As educators of the Southington Local School District, we believe that:

· Each student should receive the basic education necessary for citizenship;
· Each student should have an opportunity for success and achievement;
· Good health habits should be developed in our students;
· The skills of critical thinking and self-evaluation should be encouraged;
· Moral responsibility to self, community and country should be fostered;
· Respect for moral philosophies should be developed;
· A sense of community and family responsibility should be developed;
· The school program should emphasize the worth and dignity of all work and
· The schools should constantly and diligently strive to motivate all students.

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