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Varsity Baseball

DO the RIGHT thing ALL the TIME

Wildcat Way
  1. Mission Statement
    1. Coach Howard’s mission statement:
      1. Create a culture of success by building respectful, intentional, and resilient young men.
        1. Buying in to these values will lead you to success in whatever field you choose to join after your playing days are long done
        2. Life is filled with challenges. For some, it can feel like one long challenge. When faced with tough times, you can look back at your time spent on the baseball diamond and lean on those experiences to overcome
  2. Core Values
    1. Commitment
      1. By joining the Wildcat baseball tradition, players understand they are committing their time, talents, and energy to:
        1. Build intangible qualities that will be of service outside of sporting
        2. Improve sport-specific skills
        3. Increase team camaraderie
        4. Lay foundations for a perpetually winning program
    2. Selflessness
      1. WE not me
      2. By nature, team sport requires players to sacrifice their individual interests for the greater good of the team
      3. Not everyone will have a starring role on the varsity squad
        1. This is not little league and there are no minimum playing standards
        2. If you want playing time, find a role and fill it to the best of your ability
      4. Players who show up to practice, work hard, and hold themselves and their teammates accountable regardless of playing time are the glue that holds good teams together
    3. Accountability
      1. Players hold themselves accountable off the field and outside of the season to better their school and community 
      2. Players hold themselves accountable on the field to improve with every opportunity given
      3. Players hold each other accountable to ensure every repetition, exercise, and practice yields constructive results
      4. Coaches hold one another accountable to create a constructive environment for players to consistently build their skills and make positive impacts
  3. Captains
    1. What Makes a Captain
      1. A captain:
        1. is Committed
          1. Shows up faithfully and on time
        2. has Integrity
          1. Doesn’t require supervision to do the right thing
        3. embodies the Core Values
          1. Holds themselves and their teammates accountable to the player contract and coach’s expectations
        4. is Resilient
          1. Doesn’t dwell on mistakes and let them affect their future performance 
    2. Captains
      1. Dunn*
      2. Kirkland*
      3.  Anderson
      4.  Kellar
      5.  Sherwood
        1. These two players attended twelve of the fifteen practice opportunities over the summer and exhibited leadership qualities as freshmen last year.*
        2. Three more captain positions will be voted on by the team during the practice before our first scrimmage
  4. Coaches
    1. Coach Howard
      1. Mission Statement: Create a culture of success by building respectful, intentional, and resilient young men.
        1. Specialties
          1. Outfield
          2. Pitching
          3. Baserunning
    2. Coach Hegedus
      1. Mission Statement: Build a new baseball program at Southington by teaching knowledge, respect, and love of the game.
        1. Specialties:
          1. Infield
          2. Hitting
          3. Team Defense
    3. Coach Dudley
      1. Mission Statement:
        1. Specialties:
          1. Catchers
          2. Hitting
          3. Team Defense
    4. Coach Dunn
      1. Mission Statement:
        1. Specialties
          1. Infield
          2. Pitching
          3. Baserunning
    5. Coach Pack
      1. Mission Statement:
        1. Specialties
          1. Outfield
          2. Pitching
          3. Team Defense

Players Contract
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