Beginning of Year


As a learning community, we will be working together to create a list of  "Rules to Live By."  During the first few days of school, we will decide how we want our room to look and sound.  Procedures that we want students to follow will be taught and practiced!  It is our belief that if we work on positive expectations, our year will be successful and fun!


Planners will be utilized again this year.  We will be signing the planner each day and expect you as parents/guardians to sign it each day, as well.  This is a great communication tool between home and school.  The second week of school you should notice two incentive charts taped to the planner.  One of these will be labeled "Work and Study Skills" and the other "Behavior."  If a student does not have their homework completed on time, we will sign our initials in the appropriate box.  If a student does not meet expected behavior, we will again put our initials in the appropriate box.  This will enable you to see your child's grade in both of these areas at a glance!
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