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Balzer, Rhonda
3rd Grade Teacher
Beck, Jillian
Healthcare Professional
Brahler, Ally
3rd Grade Teacher
Brown, Katelyn
2nd Grade Teacher
Brown, Sarah
Elementary Secretary
Carano, Kelly
Kindergarten Teacher
Colwell, Summyre
6th & 7th Grade Math Teacher
Copenhaver, Corey
Middle School Teacher
Cornwell, Ellen
High School Math Teacher
Csehill, Debra
Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Davenport, Linda
Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Davisson, Kristi
2nd Grade Teacher
Doan, Jennifer
4th & 5th Grade Science Teacher
Gilanyi, Shari
Haidet, Lori
H.S. Science Teacher
Hall, Lori
Elementary Admin. Assistant
Hancock, Ryan
H.S. Intervention Specialist
Harnett, Heather
Kindergarten Teacher
Hertzer, Mark
Maintenance Supervisor
Howard, Timothy
High School English Teacher
Hudak, Tiffany
3rd Grade Teacher
Hunkus, Tracy
Middle School Math Teacher
Jackson, Sylvia
Assistant to Treasurer
Karr, Renee
Technology & Business Teacher
Kujala, Robert
Largen, Marilyn
Guidance Counselor
Lefkowitz, Craig
Technology Teacher
Marino, Bobby
Middle School Science Teacher
Mitchell, Jennifer
2nd Grade Teacher
Nero, Rocco
Padula, Lou
School Resource Officer--Trumbull County Sheriff
Paul, Michelle
Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Pickett, Justine
High School English Teacher
Pokorny, Tom
Spanish Teacher
This is my second year teaching Spanish at Southington Chalker High School after many years of teaching at Solon City Schools and Newbury High School. In addition to spending half of the day at Southington, I also spend half of the day at the Bloomfield-Mespo School district teaching high school Spanish also.  For 2020-2021, I will be teaching totally remotely for both school systems.  All of my assignments will be listed in Google Classroom under the appropriate subject  Spanish I , Spanish II, or Spanish III.  I have posted office hours 2-4pm Monday-Friday if a student or parent wishes to get in touch with me about any concern regarding Spanish.  I look forward to another productive, yet different year.
Poledica, Lindsay
4th & 5th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Rogers, Criss
1st Grade Teacher
Ronyak, Dana
M.S. Intervention Specialist
Ruschak, Eileen
Data Coordinator
Senkowitz, Jennifer
H.S. Social Studies Teacher
Shaffer, Rhonda
4th & 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Shaffer, Valerie
H.S. Math Teacher
Speaker, Marjorie
Elementary Intervention Specialist
Spracale, Kimberly
Middle School Intervention Specialist
Steinbeck, Melissa
1st Grade Teacher
Tietz, Wendy
Ward, Janet
Watson, Alicia
4th & 5th Grade Math Teacher
Wolke, James
Physical Education Teacher
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