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With hard work and a sense of humor
we can accomplish anything!

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Greetings and Salutations!
1 2 3...Math, the only subject that counts :-)
Welcome to what I hope will be another exciting year of learning! 
 Precalculus will be structured different from previous years. The first semester will cover topics that will lead into Calculus and the second semester will cover Trigonometry. 
The Precalculus class will  have its share of projects and activities to enhance the academics of the classroom, although this is a college track course, therefore, students should be prepared to work at a college level!
Geometry students be prepared for yet another year of standardized tests.  I do not teach to a test, I teach to provide my students with the necessary skills so  they can successfully take and pass the test. This year will include more online components to enhance the learning and better prepare the students for the state test. Warning: Hard work is required by all who wish to be successful not only in my classroom but also on the standardized test!  Not to worry: Geometry students will have their share of projects and activities to enhance their learning.
Accelerated Mathematics 7th Grade Returning to my schedule is the 7th Grade Accelerated Mathematics Class. :-) More details to follow...

 Note: I have set up Google Classrooms for each Class and will use this to share information and notes when applicable.

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."  Albert Einstein

My Bio:

I have been privileged to work for Southington Local Schools since 1999. Prior to working for Southington Schools, I taught Adult Education classes at the Lordstown Assembly Plant and Remedial Math classes at Youngstown State University.
I have two children, both graduates of Liberty High School. My son Jeremy and granddaughter Aspen live in Las Vegas, NV and my daughter Jessica and her husband Scott live in Brooklyn, NY.
I currently reside in Canfield with two feline siblings named Benjamin Franklin and Sophia Loren and a 14 year old pup named Chava:-)
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