The Wildcat Way-PAWS

What is PAWS?

PAWS are character traits that all students at Southington Elementary will embrace and demonstrate during their day to day activities. Our students will learn to practice respect, act safely, work hard and show responsibility that will enable them to be successful lifelong learners.


The Wildcat Way

P-Practice Respect
A- Act Safely
W-Work Hard
S-Show Responsibility

Class Dojo and Desk Pets

Class Dojo is the online behavior system we use in Kindergarten.  Every student has their own "monster" and they can earn points for good behavior or lose points for inappropriate behavior.  The best part about Class Dojo is that the parents have their own account where they can keep track of their child's behavior.  They can also privately message me and vice versa about anything happening in the classroom, not just behavior related.  I also send home notes and reminders through Class Dojo.  It is a wonderful app!
What are desk pets? Simply put, ERASERS!  Each child will purchase a desk pet from the classroom Pet Store with the points they earn on Class Dojo. They each will have a container to keep their pet in. In order to buy supplies for their pet (i.e. food, toys, blankets, water bowls, etc.), they must earn points within Class Dojo. Points will be awarded to students who show respect, responsibility in completing assignments, helping others, and much, MUCH more. Every two weeks they may use their accumulated points to purchase needed supplies for their pet. They can also save their points to buy bigger ticket items and even other pets!

If the students decide to not make a good choice, their desk pet will have to go into the Pet Daycare.  That means I will put their pet inside our Day Care Center and they have to "pay" with their Dojo points to get them out.  They will lose their hard earned points if they decide to not make good choices and follow our PAWS.
Class Dojo is a great way for students to take ownership for their own behavior and to connect parents to the classroom! 
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