Hall of Fame

Chalker Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Southington Local School District CHALKER ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME shall be to recognize and honor those Chalker graduates men and women who have displayed outstanding athletic abilities which include local and/or state official recognition to their athletic accomplishments while attending Chalker High School including any profound or significant contribution to the Southington Local Schools and the community.

  1. Graduates of Chalker High School shall become eligible for induction into the Chalker Athletic Hall Of Fame when they have been out of high school for five (5) years.
  2. The number of inductees honored at the induction shall not exceed five (5).  Each member of the Committee who is in good standing will vote for the inductees deemed eligible by the committee.
  3. Before voting, we the committee, may choose to have a round table discussion to enlighten each other of any facts others may not be award of at the time we vote.  We can proceed to vote.  First we choose how many nominees to induct in this voting period.  We then mark our ballot.  The person with the most votes is the first inductee and so on until we have the number we agreed to induct. 
  4. Our committee shall consist of any volunteer from the Southington School staff, any alumni who wish to participate regardless of their present address, any community member as long as they all agree to support the purpose and the bylaws of the Chalker Athletic Hall of Fame.
  5. Nominations must be on the official form, these are available on the school web page under the Hall of Fame.  All nominations shall be kept for consideration by the committee as long as they contain the needed information to allow us to evaluate the nominee for induction.  If you nominate someone but do not give information on your form the person who nominates such an athlete will have 6 (six) months to submit or the nominee will be removed from consideration thus will have to be resubmitted. 
  6. Any nomination can be given to a Hall of Fame Member or mailed to P.O. Box 218 Southington, Ohio 44470.  Send them in by August 15th.  The recognition date to honor any inductees will be determined at the discretion of the Chalker Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.  This committee will re-evaluate all nominees on a yearly basis.  When the committee has a qualified nominee voted to be inducted, the induction date will be announced to the public shortly there after.
  7. Once voted to be an inductee this person is required to attend their induction.  If for any reason they cannot attend then they will have to be inducted at a future induction.
  8.  All Chalker Hall of Fame Committee Member must attend 2 (two) meetings in a calendar year running from January-December to be eligible to vote for inductees.  Also any member may submit an absentee ballot to another member as long as the member submitting the ballot has met the required meetings in that calendar year.


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