There are no major office procedure changes this year. Just to refresh a few of the frequently used items:

1.  Early dismissal: If your child has to leave school early due to an appointment, they must have a note in the morning. This reduces the amount of distractions and interruptions to the school day. A pass is issued to the student to excuse them from class at your specified time. Students can sign out in the office and, if you pull up to the curb they can come out to you. (This has proven to be a well-liked feature especially if you have young children in the car with you or if it is raining.) If your child returns to school following the appointment, they can sign themselves back in and a pass will be issued to return to class.

2.  Illness: Your child is welcomed to use the student phone in the office to call home if they are sick. As with the Early Dismissal procedure, they can sign themselves out and meet you on the front curb. As a reminder, older students who drive are not allowed to drive themselves home if they are sick.

3.  Over the Counter Medicine: The office has Tylenol, Tums & cough drops for student use. If your child needs any of these items, they come to the office and the secretary will dispense it. If your child doesn't feel better, they can call home.

4.  Prescription Medicine:  If your physician requests that your child take a prescribed medication during the school day, we have a form that can be filled out so we can dispense it at the correct time.  Your child comes to the office at a predetermined time and the secretary or Principal will dispense the medication.  For inhalers, we have a form for the doctor that permits the student to carry the inhaler during the school day.

As always, if you have any questions about procedures during the school day, please call the school office.

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