Parent Access (PA)-Introduction

Parent Access allows parents to access student information (including grades) via the Internet from home. It also allows parents to create student accounts so that students can login to check their grades as well.

Parents/guardians received a unique Registration Key in the mail. Only those users holding this Registration Key have access to the specific student information. If you did not receive a letter and Registration Key see Tech Support.

Parent Access offers a vast array of information. At this time attendance, grades, homework, assignments, and your student’s schedule are available. You will also be able to view Report Cards in the future. We may add additional features later.

We believe that this communication tool can provide a valuable link between home and school and will increase parents’ awareness concerning the academic progress of their children so teachers and parents can work more closely together to ensure the success of all students.

Help Documents

Instructions for creating an account in Parent Access.
How to link children in Parent Access.
View text-based website