Timothy Howard


      Hello! My name is Mr. Tim Howard and I'm starting my second year as an English teacher at Chalker High School. I teach sophomore and junior English, ACT preparation, communications, and middle school reading intervention. I'm excited to start my first year in which I'll be working with a group of students with whom I've already developed a relationship. To those parents and students I worked closely with last year: I look forward to speaking with you again this year. For parents of new sophomores: I'm anxious to begin collaborating with you to ensure we mine the depths of your student's potential. 
      Although math and science get most of the media attention in our country today, the language arts classroom is where students do the most preparation for life post-graduation. Whether students plan to attend a four-year university, two-year community college, trade shool, apprenticeship program, join the military, or start working right away, the information covered with me and Mrs. Pickett will make them stronger, more effective communicators, as well as more conscientous, empathetic citizens.
      Born in Painesville, Ohio, I was raised next door in Perry and was lucky enough to attend Perry High School. I was a terrible student, but because I attended such a high performing school, I was still able to get a great education. After wandering aimlessly through my hometown for a year after graduation, I joined the U.S. Navy in an effort to teach me the discipline I ignored from my teachers. I had a successful and fulfilling four years as a Third Class Petty Officer Personnel Specialist and discovered my love for teaching as the training officer for my entire command during my final two years.
      During my time in the military, I learned how to work hard, set goals, and become successful. After receiving my honorable discharge, I took my GI Bill to Ohio University, became the first person in my nuclear family to attend college, and attacked my studies with a vigor unknown to my younger-self. I began my studies as a business major, switched to journalism, and finally settled on becoming a teacher mostly to be a resource for students without a family history of academic success (like myself). I graduated in December 2016 and spent a semester substituting throughout Lake county. I'm proud and excited to be living back in northeast Ohio and look forward to helping create a better educated and more intellectually fulfilled community.
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